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Pallet Furniture Workshop!

Before opening our current shared workshop we had a fantastic trial space in Manchester City Centre in a 3space building (3space). 3Space are a charity that take under-utilised or surplus commercial property and create short-term affordable creative studio and workspaces for local innovation.

We were generously given 4 downstairs rooms to test the makerspace / shared workshop idea. In the space we also held a pallet furniture workshop with our Meetup group (Link here) that was extremely popular!

This was our pilot workshop so all materials were provided free of charge, as was our time. The pallets were purchased from nearby Emerge Recycling.

On the day we demonstrated how to deconstruct pallets (easier said than done!) and gave each workshop member a chance to design their own project. We were really pleased with the results and hope to continue these workshops in the future!

Here are a few of the creations from the day:

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