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Meet the makers

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Adeche Atelier

Adwoa Botchey and Solomon Adebiyi, the creative couple behind Adeche Atelier, have become renowned storytellers and content creators with a special focus on African mythology and culture. Their paintings are not just works of art, but vibrant portals into the world of African mythological deities, folktales, and culture.

MQ Salford

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7 Spot Pottery

7 Spot Pottery is an artist-run community ceramics studio

MQ Salford


Jacob Philips

Artist / Illustrator

artist on Image titles That Texas Blood, The Enfield Gang Massacre and Newburn and award-winning colo(u)r-inner on Criminal and Reckless.

MQ Salford


Rob Lenihan Studio

Artist / Sculpture

MQ Salford

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Architectural Visualisation and Design.

MQ Salford

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Peg & Board


creating designs with personality that can be utilised in various rooms of the modern home. Creating storage without taking up floor space.

MQ Salford

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Devil Dog Sauces

Handmade in small batches, we aim to make the most flavoursome chilli sauce out there by using the best ingredients and combining a wide array of chillies to create a range of sauces that suit all tastes and tolerances.

MQ Kampus


Brandusa Ungurasu

Artisan Pottery Fine arts and Porcelain Art Jewellery

MQ Kampus

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Savy Living

We are one of a kind, creating one of a kind

Bespoke upholstery and lifestyle products

MQ Kampus

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Gwong1 Candle Studio

Join our latest Korean candle workshops and professional certified tutor courses in Manchester, UK! Open to newcomers with no prior experience. 

English, 廣東話, 國語 classes are available!

MQ Kampus


Blank Studio

Join our acrylic pouring art workshops Wednesday to Sunday. Expert guidance, all skill levels welcome. Reserve your spot now!

MQ Kampus

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Yan Paints Nails

Welcome to Yan , the canvas of perfection in Manchester! Immerse your fingertips in the allure of Gel Nails and meticulous Manicures. Transform your nails into works of art with Gel Nail Extensions, each stroke a masterpiece. Indulge in the luxury of a pampering Pedicure, where every step is a dance of relaxation.

MQ Kampus


Daniel Chau 

An exploration in art and ceramics.Daniel creates carefully sculpted porcelain vessels. The start of Daniel’s creative process begins with throwing. He is fascinated by the patterns and ongoing variations that emerge during this stage. The unique traces left on the forms evoke for him a sense of a path paved with the sedimentation of memory

MQ Salford

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Calico Collective

Calico Collective is centred around creating consciously crafted, small batch homeware and jewellery.

MQ Salford

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Tom Barker Photography

Portrait Photographer with a Cinematic Edge.
I shoot actors, musicians and artist in Manchester.
Cat dad to @meowsterpickles

MQ Kampus



The home of wonderful drinks & home made Kuhl.Chuh Syrups

MQ Salford

Eleanor Bowmer

Eleanor Bowmer is a Textile Designer & Illustrator. Her passion lies with all things creative but above all, painting is her one true love!


Awkward Niche Design

Design to build for bespoke furniture and interior design solutions

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Tina kypriadis

Designer and Print-maker 

Tina Kypriadis specialises in

 colourfulabstract screen printing

Tina Kypriadis Website


Hobbs & Mason

Bespoke Interiors crafted for you by  Sophie Mason

& Stephen Hobson

Rodo Creative

Bespoke wedding stationary

Designed by dynamic due Becky & Ffion

Rodo Creative website

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Rogue Ice Cream

Award winning

Artisan Ice Cream Maker

Ruben Porto

Point Line Plane

Point Line Plane is a small design studio made up of duo 

Jakub & Katzia; Passionate about architecture and product design.

Point Line Plane Website

MQ Salford

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Nat Gaynor 

A Manchester based Hand Embroidery Business, run by me, Natalie Gaynor. Run from my studio in Salford, Manchester.

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Florist Rookie

Beautifully curated, eco friendly, dried & fresh florals

by Jenna Spavin

Florist Rookie Website

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