Meet the makers

Craig Buckley

Bespoke furniture maker

Carpenter Bee website

Michael Griffin

Bespoke furniture maker

Rogue Ice Cream

Artisan Ice Cream Maker


Point Line Plane

Point Line Plane is a small design studio located in the heart of Manchester. Passionate about architecture and product design.


Point Line Plane website

Molly & Tom

Makers of beautiful bespoke packaging & prints using a mix traditional techniques and and modern laser cutting.

Molly & Tom Website

Hobbs & Mason

Interior Design


Hobbs & Mason website

The Retro Station

The Home of Retro Vintage & Bespoke Furniture

Rodo Creative

Bespoke wedding stationary

Rodo Creative website

Tina Kypriadis_edited.jpg

Tina kypriadis

Designer and Print-maker





Portrait Photography

Eleanor Bowmer

Eleanor Bowmer is a Textile Designer & Illustrator. Her passion lies with all things creative but above all, painting is her one true love! 

Eleanor Bowmer website

Bohemian Drifters

Handmade accessories for the wanderers, hippies and gypsy souls, ranging from tassel necklaces to clutch bags.

Bohemian Drifters Etsy Site

Coming Soon