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Makers Quarter was formed in response to a number of issues facing the independent makers of Manchester. High commercial rents, impractical spaces, and isolation are major problems experienced by many. We felt passionately about finding a solution for this and believe that a shared workshop space is the solution. Manchester was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution and sadly over the years industry has been swapped for office space and city center flats. There needs to be a balance to help small independent businesses thrive and we think the Makers Quarter is a great start! Makers quarter will not only be providing space but a creative community and exciting lessons to the public.

Having access to a shared workshop, studio spaces and craft tables in the heart of the city will encourage all types of makers to come together.

Having tested the water in a small workshop in collaboration with 3space the positive response has encouraged us to open a larger space. We have searched endlessly to find a suitable location for our members and Makers Quarter in now finally a reality!


Our 7500sq ft workshop in central Manchester has great transport connections. Cornbrook tram stop is just a 6 minute walk away and a foot/cycle path along the canal cuts through Castlefield locks and takes you straight into town in less than 15 minutes. Makers Quarter is shared between our members and divided up into larger studio spaces, pods, craft tables and a separate wood workshop for all to access. Creating this community allows us to provide a hassle free, creative space at affordable rates.

By offering flexible space on both a permanent and pop up basis we aim to support makers of all levels. Anyone can join, whether they are a professional maker, need a workbench for a weekend hobby, or would like to learn new skills.

We will be offering classes in all sorts of interesting crafts such as ceramics, woodwork, Upholstery, furniture making, leather work and many more....check on our members page for upcoming classes or to book a slot in the workshop.


a portrait photo of Sophie Mason, co-founder of Makers Quarter

Sophie Mason


a portrait photo of Stephen Hobson, co-founder of Makers Quarter

Stephen Hobson


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